May 22, 2014

Rich with Illuminati money? The Global Decentralized Autonomous Corporation

From Legions of interested People, Supporters, and even Fanatics we receive requests to “advance my career”, or “make me rich”. Some even offer to sell us their Soul. Sometimes everyday.

It is no Secret that the World is ruled by forms of Money, ambition, political plot and silent conspiracies. One hundred years ago, protesting against the controlling state of affairs would have been a meaningless and utopian idea. In this high-tech Era, we are able to radically change the World Order, where the future is pushed back, and in its place the enrichment of a select few individuals and Countries stand. The only things we need to complete our Goals is consolidation, belief in the end result, and for people to understand the enormity and significance of the Project.

With Grand Master Weishaupt’s ideas in Mind while contemplating the ideas resulting from a recent meeting where, as part of the conference, the issues of Social Networks, Science and Cyber-technology, the Global crisis, and other important topics were discussed, including the idea of using distributed processing to completely change the current deplorable state of affairs in the scientific and economic realms. Unknowing for most, this was catalyst for creation of a new Project to further the Goals of the Illuminati Order.

The ideological Foundation of our Catalyst was laid down, and later it was further built upon by a separate Group of Participants. Today the Project is expanding, giving Humanity a chance to rapidly progress forward, financing innovative developments, and supporting cutting edge and practical scientific work.

The possibilities of our Super-computers are limitless. Its scale is unprecedented, and via good management it will lack ideological prejudices. And for the future, it will help to usher in a new Digital World Order that has never before been seen. One that is timeless and uninfluenced by current prejudices. On that note we will introduce you to the
Decentralized Autonomous Corporation, or DAC.

The Illuminati Order has 4 Corporations in place:
One is an International/Hybrid Style Corporation.
One is a Regular United States Corporation.
Two are Distributed/Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DACs).

The last 2, (called ICR and ICR2) are DACs and are of supreme importance.

A DAC must not depend upon any single Individual, Company, or Organization to have value. In terms of Money, no Individual, Company, or Organization should have the ability to accelerate, stunt or in any other way significantly abuse the production of Money. Currency and Money are critical to many Societies, and control over its issuance is a source of great power that is often abused. Perhaps more than any other industry it is critical that integrity and transparency be enforced by decentralized Systems.

There should be a System where a certain amount of value is produced by the entire System collectively, at a rate which is bounded by a value both prior defined and publicly known. In centralized economic Systems such as ones regulated by many Governments,  the value of Currency is controlled by simply printing units of fiat Money or demanding additions to Digital Banking Ledgers. 

Distributed Autonomous Corporations have many advantages.  They are:

  • Corporations – they are, and of a right should be, free and independent persons.
  • Autonomous – once up to speed; they no longer need (or heed) their creators.
  • Distributed – there are no central points of control or failure that can be attacked.
  • Transparent – their books and business rules are auditable by all.
  • Confidential – user  information is securely (and incorruptibly) protected.
  • Trustworthy – because no interaction with them depends on trust.
  • Fiduciaries – acting solely in their users’ and shareholders’ interests.
  • Self-regulating – they unwavering obey their own rules.
  • Incorruptible – no one can exercise seductive or coercive influence over them.
  • Sovereign – over their digital resources.  They don’t need governments to exist.

The Illuminati Order has created DACs ‘ICR’ and ‘ICR2’ to perform Services valuable to it’s Associates, Members, and Users.

The DACs pay for the Services it needs with Shares of it’s own “Stock” or Credit.  They charge for their Services using those same Credits. They transfer all profits they earn to their Users denominated in those same Credits.  To the extent that their Services are in demand, those same Credits will be in demand. Just like a Brick and Mortar and Flesh and Blood Company, yet this is the Network and Ledger of a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation.

To the outside World a DAC is nothing but a Network backed by the value of the Services it provides.   But as Owners of Credit in a DAC, you share in the profits that the DAC earns when the value of your Credit increases in response to the DACs activity and the use of Credit holders. The profit is relative to the amount of Credits in your possession.

Within the Illuminati Order, Credits are earned for such things as completion of Tasks, or as Payment for Services rendered. In turn, Credits are spent for access to certain privileges and many times in combination with achieving milestones or completing a particular Task. For Members, your Credit also serves as Voting Shares in the affairs of the Order.


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