Rich with Illuminati money? The Global Decentralized Autonomous Corporation

From Legions of interested People, Supporters, and even Fanatics we receive requests to “advance my career”, or “make me rich”. Some even offer to sell us their Soul. Sometimes everyday. It is no Secret that the World is ruled by forms of Money, ambition, political plot and silent conspiracies. One hundred years ago, protesting against the […]

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Social Pause of the Executive Outer head

On April 1st, 2014 Executive Members of the Outer Head of all Illuminati Order U.S. Lodges were Tasked to be silent in preparation of a significant and historical phase. Regular Members are now informed, and Administrative, Clergy, Council, and Executive Members are Tasked with maintaining publica tacere. However, Regular Members and Associates deserve some clarity on […]

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Illuminati Order Lineage

Our Lineage. Lineage Track 1: The Source > Fragments of the 1st Spark > Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Indian, Persian Consciousness > Ancient Philosophies > All Religions > Rosicrucian Knowledge/Masonic Knowledge > Adam Weishaupt > Illuminati Order > Illuminati Central Intelligence Division > The Illuminati Order(of the United States) I-CID – Illuminati Central Intelligence Division: Furthering […]

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All Knowledge should be for everyone. Isn’t it wrong to give it to only a few? [illuminati]

All Knowledge should be for everyone. Isn’t it wrong to give it to only a few? Not everyone has a Country Leader’s Private Telephone Number. Not everyone knows where everyone else keeps their stash of valuable Jewelry. Not everyone knows everyone else’s Computer Password. Some People might even take advantage of the fact that you’re afraid […]

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